Programme Highlights

Multidisciplinary Case Discussions

Multidisciplinary Lectures

Plenary Lecture
  1. Breast Cancer: Culture Matters!
Radiology Lectures
  1. Approach to Diagnosis of Challenging Cases
  2. Breast Screening in Rural Malaysia
  3. In the Land of Mordor Where the Shadows Lie: The Hard-To-See Lesions
  4. Misinterpretation, Missed and Mimics in Breast Imaging
  5. Ultrasound of the Axilla: What We Have to Know
  6. Detection of DCIS
  7. Imaging work up of the patient with DCIS
  8. Image Guided intervention of the patient with DCIS
Surgical Oncology Lectures
  1. Barriers to Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  2. Breast Cancer Meanings in Asia
  3. Updates in DCIS
  4. Updates and Current Recommendations for Post Mastectomy Radiation – In Both the Primary and Nevada Settings
Pathology Lectures
  1. Breast Pathology EQA – Performance Issues and Digital Application
  2. Conquering Challenging Breast Lesions – An Expert View
  3. Diagnostic Agreement in Breast Pathology – Can We Improve?
  4. Histology of Breast Lesions Showing Microcalcifications
  5. Invasion in Breast Cancer – The Role of the Myoepithelial Cell and Basement Membrane
  6. Molecular and Immunohistochemical Tools in Evaluating Breast Lesions
  7. Near Misses in Breast Pathology
  8. Papillary Lesions – A Practical Approach
  9. Pitfalls in Core Biopsies of the Breast
  10. Updates in Breast Cancer Pathology Best Practices – Be a ‘Diagnostic Oncologist’
  11. What’s New and Relevant in the AJCC 8th Edition for Breast Cancer Staging

Workshops / Seminar

ABUS Workshop
Fibroepithelial Seminar
Molecular Workshop

Public Forum

  1. Ask Now: Questions you always wanted to ask